The Incredible Tide

The Incredible Tide

Hello! I'm sorry but english it's not my native language (I'm Italian), so please excuse my errors... ^_______^

In Italy, Future Boy Conan it's a very populare anime but the novel that ispired it was never translated. "Where I can find 'The Incredible Tide'?" was on the top ten list of question by new user of it.arti.cartoni (italian anime newsgroup).

In 1997 my friend Nicola de Angeli, found the book and gave me a photocopy of it. I translated it in Italian and I put the translation and the original text on the web

Rocco "Ataru Moroboshi" Pier Luigi

Bandiera Usa The Incredible Tide Bandiera Usa

HTML version

Libro    1 - Survivor
Libro    2 - Secret
Libro    3 - Brand
Libro    4 - Orlo
Libro    5 - Patch
Libro    6 - Danger
Libro    7 - Flight
Libro    8 - Sail
Libro    9 - Chase
Libro   10 - Islet
Libro   11 - Lost
Libro   12 - Guide

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